Merge Motorcycles - Match Bikes: Fun Casual Puzzle Motorbike Game banner image: first motorcycle, all viruses and second motorcycle
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Merge Motorcycles

Merge Motorcycles - Match Bikes screenshot image merge mmotorcycles

Smash Insects

Merge Motorcycles - Match Bikes screenshot image smash insects

Speed Up Bikes

Merge Motorcycles - Match Bikes screenshot image speed up bikes

Open Boxes

Merge Motorcycles - Match Bikes screenshot image open boxes

Improve Motos

Merge Motorcycles - Match Bikes screenshot image immprove motos

Have Fun Playing

Merge Motorcycles - Match Bikes screenshot image have fun playing

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- Description -

🏍 Merge motorcycles, match bikes, kill insects, unlock & collect rewards 🐝 (New match free game) 🤘

Download now Merge Motorcycles - Match Bikes !! The best Click & Idle Tycoon game ever !!! The fusion games are the future. 🏍🤘🤘🤘🐝
Now with match 3 minigames!

Merge Motorcycles - Match Bikes: Fun casual puzzle motorbike game. Happy matching game for Android and iOS. This incredible fun casual motorbike puzzle it's astonishing. Join all without stop!!

CHARACTERISTICS OF THE GAME: Combine motorcycles to unlock more and run them to earn money for buying new motorcycles. Discover, Unlock, Collect, Run, Sprint, Combine and Merge. Above all; the "Merge" doesn't stop.

MERGE MOTORCYCLE: A great collection like futuristic, classic, motogp, motoscross, chopper, sport, super, scooter, bikes ...

MATCH BIKES: New match 3 minigames. Fresh and perfectly combine with the merging system. Grab the pieces of the bikes and join them to create a new superbike. There are also other match games to gain rewards and speed up the game.

APPLY IMPROVEMENTS: You can buy equipment with the wheels with which to get motorcycles improve; increase speed, increase income and increase discounts. There are nine levels available for each type of upgrade. Buy them all ASAP !

AUTO RUNNING: With the option of turbo and sprint you can increase the temporary speed of motorcycles and thus get coins earlier. The motorcycle race can be eternal !
They are tireless vehicles. Its fast wheels are the best tool against asphalt.

LEVEL UP: There is a level counter represented by blue stars. When a new motorcycle is unlock you will receive screws. You'll also unlock new features as you level up and increase your star counter.

KILL INSECTS: Also you can squash crawlies to earn rewards. You will see swarms of mosquitoes, bees, and wasps. If you finish them all on time, the "queen" or "boss" will appear. Don't turn around! Swat it because if you succeed you will get rewards. Bug smasher, kill them all!

STORM AT THE GATES: New random events have been added. Various weather effects can appear suddenly on the track and interrupt the racing of each motorcycle that will rotate on touching the obstacles that will be appearing in the path. Click on them to destroy all and get coins.

NO MISSING GOLD: With golden screws and videos you will be able to get a top motorcycle, but quickly you will be able to get all with coins. It's a totally free game without engage. There are only a few ads and fully optional payout screws to help make the game profitable.


Casual, engaged and solitary offline motorcycle game, but at the same time quick and entertaining. If you want you can connect online and challenge your friends with the leaderboards, scoreboards and achievements.

Will you be able to get them all ?! Give it an opportunity !!!
Welcome to "Merging" :)

By Annoying Freak Games

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