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Play FNF Return Garcello Hit Mod: Friday Night Funkin

Enjoy the best music rap battle in Friday Night Funkin with Garcello returning

๐ŸŽค FNF Return Garcello Hit Mod: Friday Night Funkin with Garzello ๐Ÿค˜

Are you ready to play the ultimate music battle against Garcello?


This game is a web version of the mod Return Garzello base on the PC game Friday Night Funkin. I'm using some of theirs draws and music offered by themselves for free use. But with another engine (Unity), new coding, UI, animations, landscape with a different distribution of the arrows and so on.

Please, if you like it try the original game on the browser of your PC: Play On Newgrounds -

This music battle game is a rhythm matching music game to test your musical knowledge and reflexes where you need to feel the beat of the music and challenge your enemies.

This FNF game has several characters: Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Garcello dead o Garzello ghost, Sarvente, Zardy and Whitty.


โœ… Description โœ…

A mod of Friday Night Funkin where Garcello return for a brief moment from the dead to do some more epic rap-battle with Boyfriend and his new friends.

The 5 of them, Garcello, Zardy, Whitty, Sarv, and BF would make a good group band.

โœ… Prologue โœ…


Boyfriend has come visit the place that he never forget and he brought my friends too and Garcello has comeback as ghost to meet his favorite person โ€œboyfriendโ€.

โœ… Game Features โœ…

โ˜‘ Beatiful graphics.

โ˜‘ Easy gameplay.

โ˜‘ High-quality music soundtracks and sound effects.

โ˜‘ Feel funkin rhythm under your fingertip

โ˜‘ Easy to play

โ˜‘ No wifi needed

Have fun with this game! Enjoy your fnf music battles rhythm game FNF Mod But Rap!

๐Ÿ•น๏ธ Game Controls ๐Ÿ•น๏ธ

โœ” Use the Up, Down, Left and Right buttons to follow the rhythm, and beat your enemies!

๐ŸŽฎ How to Play ๐ŸŽฎ

โœ” It's very simple, while listening to music, observe the arrows that are coming from below. Press the exact arrow when the moving arrows are on the top of that arrow.

If you're not only crazy about some good old comic but also into 2000s' music vibe, this game is the best choice of all. ๐Ÿ˜Ž








Created by Annoying Freak Games