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Play Merge Motorcyles: Smash Insect best fusion moto games

Friendly idle fusion bike game to evolve and kill insects to unlock new levels

🏍 Merge Motorcyles: Smash Insect best fusion moto games 🐝

Love Superbikes? Want to be a collector? Then this game will be perfect fit for your crave. Collect superbikes and become a rich idle tycoon! 🏍🤘🤘🤘🐝

Combine Motorcycles: Smash Insect best merge games is a simple yet addictive merging game. Start with level 1 bike, then gradually merge more similar level bikes to climb the level ladder.

Improve bike levels and earn more coins and profits. Use the climate changes to win some extra coins in this merge simulator. Have fun playing this idle game!

Improve your collection with your earnings and your coins! In this addictive clicker game you can upgrade bikes to superbikes to smash insects like mosquitoes, wasps and bees.

This game does no need wifi, play offline.


🤘 How to Begin? 🤘

When the game starts, you are offered coins to buy bikes, buy them and start racing them in the tracks. With track rounds, coins are earned with which you gradually start to buy more bikes.

🤘 How to Merge? 🤘

When you have more bikes of similar levels, drag them or bump them with a finger swipe to merge them to form an upgraded level bike.

🤘 How to earn more coins? 🤘

When there are climate changes in the game interface, try clearing the obstacles formed on tracks due to raining or snowfall. You make quick coins now. Now buy some bikes and climb the level ladder.

🤘 How to apply improvements in the bike? 🤘

You can buy equipments such as increase speed, increase income and increase discounts, and reach upto level 9 faster.

🤘 How to improve gameplay? 🤘

With the collected equipment, you can always upgrade your bike with them. And with the upgraded bikes you can increase and improve speed, maximize coin collection and increase discounts.

Now in this friendly merge quest, discover, unlock, collect, run, sprint, combine and merge motorcycles.

🤘 How to earn gold box's? 🤘

With golden screws and watching short bit sized videos you will be able to get a higher level of motorcycle. And guess what, all this is freely available for you to play and enjoy.

🤘 How to kill insects and earn more coins? 🤘

While playing you will notice insects such as mosquitoes and wasps crawling or flying across the screen. Tap to kill them quickly and get all your coins. Now utilize the coins to buy more bikes.


Casual, engaged and solitary offline merge quest motorcycle game, but at the same time quick and entertaining. If you want you can connect online and challenge your friends with the leaderboards, scoreboards and achievements.







💥 Will you be able to get them all ?! Give him an opportunity !!! 💥

Welcome to "Merging" :)

Created by Annoying Freak Games